Benefits of Archive Boxes

Archiving and categorizing your workplace and even your personal room is one of the most tedious jobs. Carelessly scattered around objects and documents can no doubt take up all of your room space and leave you cramped and crumbled in an atmosphere that cannot be ranked as favored or favorable at all specially when we […]

Make a Statement With Your Business Card Printing

Your business card printing is one of the most important marketing tools you will ever have. You will use your business card daily to promote your business, keeping it in your wallet or laptop bag and handing them out to potential customers and contacts throughout the day. The great thing about business card printing is […]

Putting Up an Instagram Poster for Gift

Creating those magical photos has become easier with the help of the Instagram. There are filters that are known to do wonders. Nearly every picture taken with the help of the Instagram comes out as if it is going to be a keepsake. Many photographers have praised the picture quality that Instagram poster. However it […]

Finding a Voice in the Literature Niche

Literature and the Arts cover a wide array of subjects. You can create your site or blog on any genre and any format of work. There are quite a few factors that go into thinking about how you can attract an audience. The biggest factor is finding your voice. Voice is the personalization you place […]

The Book of Confessions

Title: CONFESSIONS OF AN MBA and other stories Author: Vinod Kaul Publisher: Frog Books, Leadstart Publishing Pages:189 Eight crisp, short stories that lay bare the aspirations, fears and insecurities of the small town, middle class Indian, sans the cloying poignancy in the narrative, and that is where the writer scores. Vinod Kaul has steered clear […]